Cavalcade is…a band, a parade, a lesson, an answer, a coma, freewheeling, pleasant, exciting, forthright, an opportunity, a junction, people, things, windy, anger, a buzz, honest, accepting, stark, bloody, perforating, obliged, consistent, a rush, hope, a ladder, thoughts, paper, water, council, open, a bridge, a band…

                                                                                  Photo courtesy Sara Tiberio 2012

Cavalcade joins rock and roll’s urgency with an interlaced and reflective approach to each song.  By dismantling the standard formulas, and yet respecting the history and power of popular song, the group achieves something new and exciting.  Passion, power, melody…..big beat.  Cavalcade is Sean Havens (drums), Michael Munn (voice, guitar, piano), Brian Moffitt (bass, voice), Keith Rosengren (keys and percussion) and Josh Hoefer (guitar, voice) and was established in the Spring of 2005 in Rochester, NY.